going, going, gone

MrJJ is leaving for another extended trip. This time he says if we can’t come to stay with him halfway through, he’s coming home. He can’t stand to be away from his wife and family that long.

He put off until the last minute calling his mom though. He was supposed to stay with her for the weekend, I had decided that since the visit would be with her and jerk FIL, I would beg off and stay home. It was my first time standing up for myself. The last visit was horrible. We were at his father’s for 5hrs, during most of that time, nobody but the kids said a word to me. I conquered Jewel Quest Solitaire on my cell. Would have burned up some minutes but both his parents live in BFE and there is NO cell reception for a 30min drive around.

Instead, MrJJ decided Silly Son had soccer, I had church obligations- so we’d stay home. I offered to invite his mom up, but he kept putting it off. Calling when he knew she was out and not answering her calls. “It’s too late at night, she knows better than to call late.” “It’s 8pm!” “I’ll talk to her later.” Anyhow, he calls her on Saturday then turns off his phone after a short chat with her. When he turned it back on a few hours later, she had left seven messages, begging him to call her. He calls back, then leaves the phone behind when he walks into a store. She calls three more times in 15mins. MrJJ finally gives in and calls her back. She got her stepson to drive her to the place we used to live (a/b 2hrs south of where we are now) and wants to meet at the outlet mall. Again, I have church obligations and can’t ask them to find someone else mere hours before service. We figure I won’t stay for second service, we’ll just leave when my class is over.

The other messages from when the phone was shut off were from a lady willing to take our dog. I believe MrJJ shut off his phone to avoid both his mom and this lady. She lives in the southern VA area, we live in in the Mason Dixon area. So MrJJ arranges with her to meet her at the outlet mall (2hr drive for each of them) at around 11pm. Which means I can’t come.

So, the entire day pretty much alone after some drama, arguments, tears (I am forcing the ousting of the dog).

So she’s gone, he’ll be gone soon and sometimes it feels like I am the only one anchored to one place. Me, the person who actually liked change and travel. I guess I’m getting too old for it anyhow.


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