I Embarassed Myself Today

We’re doing Proverbs as part of the Bible study this year.  This weeks topic (in part): adultery.  I was fine, got through it with a straight face, stoic shoulders, all of that.  The final question was between the Proverbs mentioned and a passage in I Cor., what does the sexual relationship in the marriage mean?

Someone replied, “If they are satisfied at home, they won’t go out getting it anywhere else.”  Just about everyone laughed and said, “So true.”  I muttered no it’s not.


I started tearing up.

Then I couldn’t catch my breath.

Me, the master of sobbing silently…began to heave and leak tears and snot right there.  I couldn’t even bring myself to stand up and leave, just willed myself to calm down.

So, if any of you ever thinks I come across so cold, so unemotional.  I am not.  Not remotely.  I just have had a lifetime of practice stuffing my emotions, pushing down those types of feelings.

My opinion of those ladies has dropped.  Except the two sitting next to me (one was also a betrayed wife), not one acknowledged me.  Not even after.  And I would say nearly half know my story.

Maybe they are the ones that should be embarrassed.  I am here to tell you, a man could be getting the best sex at home and still, for some inexplicable reason, go sniffing around the bedskirts of a frigid bitch.


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