that guy is an affair waiting to happen

I may have, but don’t believe I did, shared with you before about one of the dads in Silly Son’s scouting group.  Almost from the beginning, there’s been something unsettling about how he interacts with me.  He was friendly, but in that way that made you feel uneasy.  For instance, one night during a meeting that MrJJ was running, he sat next to me and talked, totally blowing off the mom on the other side of him.  I tried to include other people in the conversation until he just left, talking to the dads instead.

Before we began homeschooling, I would see him when I dropped Silly Son off at school.  Usually he was chatting up the cafeteria chicks.  I say chicks because it was only the younger, cuter ones.  Even though one of the other ladies he knew from scouting, he still ignored her.

One day, I was in the car talking to MrJJ on the phone.  The guy walked by and waved.  I was looking down the street.  Not at him, mind you, and he turned to look at me again, assumed I was looking at him and kind of puffed up his chest.

Keep in mind, scouting is usually on Thursdays.  My Bible study is on Thursdays also, so when he sees me beyond in passing, I am usually wearing a shirt that has the Bible study logo and the “feed my sheep” sheep- denoting me as a children’s teacher.  I have spoken to him often of my job there and my church, making sure he knows where I stand.

Last night, I was going to a Tastefully Simple open house, so I changed into the one shirt that matched the capris I was wearing.  MrJJ loves that shirt, I happen to feel it’s lowcut.

I was only supposed to go to the scout meeting to pick up Sweet Daughter as I was 5mins late and they left for the meeting.  Of course Sweet Daughter didn’t want to leave, so I ended up staying.  Mr. Flirt was running this meeting.  All of the sudden, the shirt that was ‘fine’ became a reason MrJJ wanted me to hold Sweet Daughter.  When she wouldn’t cooperate, I got one of MrJJ’s jackets from my car and put it on- it was chilly.

Then it was time to play a game.  Just before they got ready to start, Mr. Flirt decides that he needs a helper and picks me.  I deferred, he insisted, I deferred again.  He eventually gave up.  By this time, MrJJ is really annoyed and saying that we’re finding another troop.  This one is jackleg anyhow and since MrJJ is going on another trip, he doesn’t want this guy leering at me every Thursday.

Now, we all know that this sounds like nothing.  The truth is, when you are aware of the wages of adultery, you tune in more to the nuances of things like this.  Let me just say, I am usually oblivious to flirting.  Inside, I am still the fat chick from less than 2yrs ago.  Heck, I still feel chubby now.  It doesn’t even cross my radar to think a guy could be interested (add that to my other self esteem issues).  So to know this guy has made a blip is to know it must be there.

I have searched for a reason to talk to his wife, I want her to be on the lookout.  I just don’t have anything concrete.  He’s an affair waiting to happen and until there’s something obvious, to any outsider it will be ‘nothing’ or ‘just friends’.

Oh, and this will sound so superficial, but even if I was in the market- seeing a guy rub his belly like a pregnant woman is a huge turnoff.


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