the other woman

Ok, I could go into all of the speculation of what exactly John Edwards was up to and just how much he told Elizabeth when his sh!t hit the media fan and whether that baby is his.  I won’t.  Suffice it to say he’s obviously a self-centered pig, lower than low to not even wait until his terminally ill wife was actually in the grave before he began tom-catting around with some used up, new age party girl.

I will say that he has followed The Script to almost perfection.  Down to a downright manly looking Other Woman.

Why do so many men pick masculine Other Women?  I know of one that bears a striking resemblance to David Spade.
Except she has shorter hair.  And broader shoulders.  Apparently, discolored teeth and a slight mustache also.

I don’t get it.  Maybe women like that are the ones more likely to feel broken enough to accept the ghost of a relationship?

Oh, and here’s a great article that seems to get the closest to what I understand as why (some) men cheat.

I’m keeping this one public all, maybe there will be some discussion.  Or maybe just laughter.


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