The bitch is Gone

Ok, unless you all help me think of a solution, I am getting rid of our dog.

Background: We adopted a Greyhound when Silly Son was small. He only bonded to MrJJ, and would hide upstairs until he *had* to go to the bathroom, would suddenly come rushing down and I would have to drop everything, even nursing Silly Son or I had a mess to clean up. I’m talking I usually had a minutes response time if that. When I started trying to drag him out to walk, he started hiding under the bed. I’m sorry, but wrestling a nearly 70lb dog out from under a bed every morning while I tried to take care of my baby boy was too much. We bounced him back. MrJJ made me do it while he was on a business trip.

Fast forward to ’03. MrJJ wants another dog. We’re in HI. There are no racers in HI. He tries to get one flown in. No, the quarantine is too much for dogs that have been through so much the rescue groups say. He finds out that countries like England, Oz and NZ have no quarantine with HI. Tries to get one flown in. Oz will send one free for airfare. $3k. No dice, he wants to rescue, but not that badly.

At this point I am saying, “Good, I don’t want another Grey. As a SAHM, I ought to be able to pick.” He agrees. I begin looking around and researching. MrJJ is researching too, find a breeder on the other side of the island. She has a two year old Grey that she’s willing to part w/ as her buck teeth exclude her from show or breeding. MrJJ knows that the boar hunters will be all over wanting to buy this dog so he snatches her up despite my reservations.

This dog starts out w/ severe separation anxiety issues. The breeder had let the Greys run around the yard and in the house like a little pack. She claimed this dog was the pariah dog, that’s why selling her after two years. When left alone, this dog pisses on the floors. Fine, they’re laminate, I can deal. She then begins pissing on the COUCH. The ARMCHAIR. No. One day, I take her out. She has a pattern: pee, poop, pee. I see her do it that day. Apparently she held back b/c she saw us getting ready to go out. I put Silly Son in the car, realize I forgot his water, go in. She’s peed. I clean it up. Go back out. Realize I forgot my keys, go in…she’s crapped on the floor. We begin to leave her in the garage.

This dog has come to represent MrJJ’s entitlement and complete disregard for my wishes in the past.  While he was in Iraq for three months, it was a regular occurrence to wake up to piss on the bathroom floors or trash strewn around the house.

In the past 18 months I have had to deal with huge personal issues in addition to MrJJ being gone nine out of 18 months. Without fail, this dog has acted up at least every other night. I try to prevent it by removing the ‘triggers’. I make sure she’s well fed w/ a non-dog food treat in her bowl additionally. I hide the trash at night. She has multiple times a day to be outside. There’s always something I didn’t take into account. She recently discovered the pantry and has been getting in and snatching food off the shelf. I am left with crumbs and pieces of plastic bags to clean up.

People say dogs don’t know, oh yes…she does. The pattern is too clear to think she doesn’t. It escalates when MrJJ is gone. The other day, it was raining. I tried to take her out, she refused. I thought, ok, she goes out even if it’s raining if she really has to go. She leaves the room, comes back and lays down (like the sphinx). For some reason I look over, she’s pissing in that position! She KNEW it was wrong and was trying to hide it!

Another time, it was 3am. She got me up (for once) and I took her out. I couldn’t walk her as I have two young children I’d have to leave home alone at 3am. Usually, if you stand right there, she’ll do her business and come back. No. She ran off. I got her from the Humane Society the next day after paying a fine for having her off the leash.

I’ve tried crating her, but she just pisses and sh!ts and I have a crate and a dog to wash. We’re trying to save up for a fence, even then, she’s a Grey and can’t be out in weather that humans can’t be out in.

Before MrJJ left for this trip, she also began pissing on things when MrJJ and I started kissing or fooling around.

We’ve tried Bach’s Rescue Remedy, we’ve tried some hormonal stuff you plug in a wall, I talked to the vet, she just gave me a pamphlet on separation anxiety, nothing new in there.

I can’t do this anymore. I am a ‘single mom’ more often than not, desperately trying to find a solution to *my* issues and incredible lows. It’s at the point that I sent MrJJ a message this morning: Either you find a solution or one of us is gone. I refuse to have this added stress.

The only thing I can think of is, hot weather or not, she’s going to have to live in her kennel. I’ve put it in a shady place and it has a roof and I added an additional tarp on the side the sun hits the most. It’s early Sunday morning though and she’s making noise to come inside.

When we moved to this brand new house, MrJJ promised that if the dog pissed on the carpets more than 10 times, he’d get rid of her. At this point she’s pissed in every room except the kids’ bathroom and the laundry room. That’s ten rooms, multiple times. Still, she’s here.

What set it off this morning was that she had outside time at 9pm last night.  I was up until 1am, no indication of having to pee from the dog.  I wake up at 515-530am when Silly Son comes to my bed.  I swear I smell dog pee.  I decided to try and get some sleep anyhow.  It bugs me too much and sure enough, she’s pissed in Silly Son’s room, almost under the bed so as to hide it.  At this point, we have special towels dedicated to cleaning up the dog piss.  So she peed in less than 5hrs time.

Any ideas? Or is this a lost cause. I will feel like such the wicked witch to watch my kids cry over this dog. I truly feel I am at my limit. Help me find something that works. Because right now, I am wishing I never called the Humane Society when she ran off. The kids didn’t even notice she was gone and we didn’t pick her up till 4pm. The microchip had our old HI info and it was a prime opportunity to ditch the b!tch.


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