The Honeymoon

The last time I saw or spoke to Creep he was walking into the airport.  I changed my email address, stopped the role playing, threw myself into work.  I kept getting phone calls I assumed were him (this was before the days of caller ID), to the point I had to unplug my phone.   I only recently learned some of those calls may have been MrJJ  I had my number changed and unlisted, but gave it to MrJJ.

Six months after we separated, we reconciled.  At one point MrJJ found the receipt for the hotel and asked if I had had sex with Creep there.  I told myself it wasn’t a lie to say no.  I began pushing the shameful memory as deep into my subconscious as I could.

We got along better than ever.  MrJJ had stopped hurting me physically and for the most part had stopped the verbal stuff too.  He had graduated in ’96 and was trying for a ‘real’ job while working on classes towards a Masters.  I graduated soon after we reconciled.  At the beginning of the school year, I got my first job teaching high school.  MrJJ began training as a police officer.  Things were looking up.


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