A Lesson about Rushing into a Solution

Someone on a board I read mentioned remembering this story from an old PBS production on the Wives of Henry VIII.  I’ve recently learned I don’t have to make choices right away, but rather can take some time to consider them.

A peasant man is captured while trying to steal some food to feed his family, and he is brought before the king to receive his punishment. The king wants to put him to death, but the peasant makes him a deal. He claims that he can teach the king’s favorite horse to talk, and with this talking horse, the king can claim he has special powers, which will make him feared and respected by leaders of other foreign lands. The peasant claims all he needs is a year, and after that time, if the horse is not talking, the king may then put him to death. The king agrees.

As the peasant is led away to the stable to begin his new job, the palace guard asks him why he offered such an outlandish deal to the king. Surely he will be killed eventually.

The peasant shakes his head and says, “not necessarily. In a year, the old king may die…..or the horse may die….or I may die…..

…..or the horse may talk.”


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