Numbers don’t Lie, do they?

So, finally got full access to our bank account (gotta love that carte blanche power of attorney).  Based on the cell phones (looks like there were two- on Cingular- I discovered before he left, there’s also Virgin Mobile).  I wonder if he was paying for her phone?    Anyhow, cell phones, meals, the hotel and the gift cards, he spent at least $1472 that I can document between Sept 1 and Dec 1.  Those are charges I am pretty certain pertain to the affair.  Then there’s any cash withdrawals and overdrawn bank charges we had as a result of these.

Just got off the phone with the lawyer my pastor recommended.  She’s in my church (I actually saw her on Sunday in a missionary trip skit they did) and I can get out of this marriage for $1000 and no time waiting if he doesn’t contest it…longer if he does.  So, I will start saving.  We’ve already saved close to $500 a month just taking Harlot out of our finances, now let me see where else I can cut expenses.  What I could have done for our family for $500 a month.  And he claimed that he only went to Starbucks with her.


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